Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Birt vs Jasper

Comparison between Birt and Jasper report (Birt Vs Japser Report):

       After searching long on birt vs jasper report. I came to conclusion that both  reporting tool has there own advantages and disadvantages.In my opinion both of them are powerful if their functionality is utilized properly and correctly.

 I am listing some of the key differences between  Birt and Jasper report.

Company Birt Jasper
Note *: These differences are based on my analysis on Birt and Jasper report
Multiple data sources per report Supports multiple data sources. Jasper not allows you to create two sources inside one report. You need to create sub report to do so.
Data Sources Type less number of datasource as compare to Jasper.But supports facility to create own datasource. More types of data sources than birt.
Joining the datasources More than two data sources can be joined and report can be created. Does not support joining data sources.
Report Designer Tool used. Eclipse plugin separate iReport designer,Netbean plugin
Example Reports Variety of example reports are available. -
Javascript support BIrt support very nice mozilla rhino javascript support which is very help full when designing your reports.It give more control over every report element. -
multi-column layout Not Supported Supported: This makes life easier when designing grids and tables.
CSS in controlled forma Supported Not supported.
Commercial license No commercial license. To get the full advance reporting capabilities, you must use JasperServer which requires a commercial license. Note*:This is for advanced reporting purpose.
Documentation Birt is little better in documentation. It also has good documentation only thing need to explore more deep.
Deploying reports on server It’s very easy with birt. It’s little bit complex.

Documentation and Tutorials:
Birt :

For more detailed differences visit below link:


  1. I'm looking for comparisons too. Thanks for the article.

    I notice a few corrections a) recently jasper has an a full rewrite of iReport (netbeans-based) on top of Eclipse available as plugin and standalone application.

    b) here are the examples, lots :

    1. i want to know for handling complex reports BIRT is good or Jasper
      as well as what is the performance impact on BIRT and Jasper

  2. I do not have any experience in BIRT but in case of Jasper - Development is easy however when it comes to integration (10-15 reports on 4-5 different servers) it's a nightmare. In addition, once you deploy the reports and do not use the service for long time (2-4 weeks) I see that you need to restart server manually to run reports properly otherwise you cannot run a single report. Not a good experience with Jasper when it comes to integration and testing on multiple servers.

  3. I've used Birt and Jasper. I found Birt by far better for generating reports based on a MySQL database. Easier and more reliable to connect data sources, easier layout, better looking diagrams, cleaner interfact, etc., more extensible, etc. etc.

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